No queues. No phone calls. Get what you ordered.


Streamline your takeaway food order processing by using the Appetite app to increase restaurant efficiency and eliminate time on the phone. For the restaurant, using Appetite can pay for itself in direct labour cost savings.

Appetite is a solution – making for easy ordering – both for the customer and the restaurant.

The bottom line is that Appetite’s free mobile app will enhance customer satisfaction and service.

It’s time to get Appetite working for you.

Appetite offers a complete solution to help manage your restaurant takeaway food ordering process.

With Appetite you will:

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BOOST CUSTOMER BASE by putting your menu in the customer’s pocket. Benefit from Appetite’s localised and direct customer marketing to expand the advertising of your restaurant and maximize restaurant revenue.

WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER by significantly reducing your employee’s time on the phone and managing orders with our easy-to-use system.

STREAMLINE ADMINISTRATION with our solution which offers backup facilities for phone lines and credit card payments, as well as up-front payment of orders using our secure credit card processing.

GET OUR EXPERT ASSISTANCE when you need it. Appetite is dedicated to providing you with excellent support. Your calls and questions will be handled by our expert team. You can relax!

Contact Appetite for more information on how we can help you to maximize restaurant turn-around and revenue.

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